Lin Cressey, Certified Life Celebrant

Coming to Colorado for an “elopement” wedding? You’ve picked a great place for a destination wedding! The Colorado Front Range, the mountain ski resorts and small mountain towns provide a range of wedding venues from quaint and charming to spectacularly scenic any time of the year. Come take advantage of the Colorado’s natural beauty and incredible locations. If you’re considering a weekday wedding, you’ll be pleased to learn that many sites will be willing to work with you and help you create a very special wedding event at substantial savings.

Colorado Elopements
Lin and Gary Cressey
August, 1990

I am especially partial to those sweet and simple ceremonies planned on a moment’s notice. I love those impromptu “hey, we’ve decided to get married” calls for a wedding taking place within a week or two. Gary and I decided in mid-August to get married over Labor Day weekend in 1990---our small wedding with my sons, my parents and a few friends joining us was always a very special and cherished memory for both of us. And neither Gary nor I remembered who suggested that we get married in the first place! We were proud that “our happily ever after” started with a very simple and very sweet wedding ceremony and a small dinner party planned with a few phone calls.

As a wedding officiant and celebrant in the Denver Metro Front Range Colorado area, I offer intimate and warm wedding elopement and destination wedding ceremonies. I will help you create a sweet and simple ceremony filled with memories you’ll cherish forever.

I’ve got a simple and sweet ceremony ready and waiting! I’d love to share that very special moment with the two of you and the friends and family you’ll gather together to celebrate and commemorate your wedding. The list of venues and opportunities to have fun and make memories at the same time are endless and for me, that’s part of the joy and privilege of my work as a Wedding Officiant!

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