Lin Cressey, Certified Life Celebrant

About Lin Cressey

I love working with couples to create a ceremony that is a perfect fit for them! I particularly enjoy the rich and meaningful connections that occur when I interact with engaged couples as we craft their wedding ceremony together, word-by-word. The conversations and emails exchanged as we seek just the right song or reading or word to express just the right emotion and intent have been, for me, deeply rewarding.

I began my professional life as a Home Economics/Consumer and Family Studies teacher. Eventually, I moved into an elementary school library as a teacher-librarian and retired as an academic coach. These days, I am a Life-Cycle Celebrant certified by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, a non-profit institution in Montclair, New Jersey.

I was drawn to Celebrancy because I love to write. I love hearing couple’s story. I read the sweet words they always write about their partner and I am privileged to tell that same sweet story as part of their wedding ceremony. Ceremonies, especially weddings, deepen and enrich our life experience.

I am honored to share a few brief moments with couples as their Wedding Officiant; I am honored to say the words that unite them as a couple. My objective is to express your love and your love story in words, readings and rituals that you will remember from time to time and treasure as a couple. I am always delighted and grateful to be part of a wedding—each wedding is as unique and lovely as the couples themselves.

A Colorado native, I have lived in the Denver-metro area since graduation from CSU. My husband, Gary, passed away several years ago and, these days, I share our home with two brown miniature schnauzers named Mercedes and Nikita. I call them my “rescue dogs” from Nebraska, but I think the truth is that they rescued me and turned my quiet house back into a home. They’re good companions to each other and to me and can typically be found curled up in the same doggie bed under my desk. I have two grown sons in the area, a daughter-in-law who is a great friend and a beloved grand-daughter who is adored by a large extended family.

My granddaughter
Mercedes and I on the day
I picked her up in Nebraska.












Lin and Gary Cressey
Gary and I at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

I continue to enjoy working with couples to plan and perform their wedding ceremony. Something shifted as the result of Gary’s death. I have come to understand that “life-cycle” part of my job title—I get it now.

Wedding ceremonies touch me deeply;
I always remember my wedding day to Gary and am grateful for the life, the love and the life lessons we shared together as good friends and a couple.

Couples frequently express their appreciation of their family and wish to include special tributes in their ceremony. I would consider working with you to create your personalized
and individually crafted ceremony a great honor! And I would be honored to tell family and friends how important they are in your own lives!

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